Substance Abuse Support


Substance Abuse Support

Our  Director of prevention will lead all of our different support services for substance misuse support.

In School Prevention

 The Haven Center plans to develop and fund community outreach to local in-school drug prevention programs.

Drug prevention in schools is a top priority and several well-designed studies have shown that prevention programs have the potential of reducing drug use in adolescents.

Implications for Funding:

What do these findings imply about funding of school-based drug prevention? First, they suggest that model drug use prevention programs can be justified on a benefit-cost basis by the reductions in substance use. Drug prevention thus appears to be a wise use of the funds devoted to it. Whether it is the wisest use of those funds depends on whether there are other uses that could reap even greater social benefits.

If prevention should be viewed as a public health intervention, and not a criminal justice intervention, the implication might then be that school-based drug prevention should be funded out of health dollars rather than criminal justice dollars (or education dollars). At a minimum, if law enforcement interventions are seen as a higher priority for scarce justice program dollars, it would be foolish not to fund prevention if public health resources were available.

Figure 2—Most Benefits from School-Based Drug Prevention Are in the Form of Reductions in the Use of Legal Substances.