Free Delivery


Free Delivery

For patiants who are home bound, we offer a complimentary Free delivery service to the the Barnstable County area. Our menu is available for online ordering and is 100% guaranteed.

Doctor's Recommendation

Click here to Learn the Facts - Medical “Marijuana” (under Construction)

Payment Options for Delivery

We will accept cash, money orders and cashier's checks.

Same-day Delivery

Schedule a Delivery

Saftey Guidelines

Missed Deliveries and Restocking Fee

If you are not available for delivery and do not notify us, you MAY be charged a  restocking fee.

Cannabis and the Law
Here is some helpful information and resources for your reference. The laws governing the medical marijuana industry is continually evolving therefore it is likely that the below information will be changing.

Unlike Massachusetts’s current regulation that allows medical cannabis, federal law currently prohibits possession of medical cannabis. Be aware of this when possessing, transporting or using medical cannabis on federal government property and states outside of Massachusetts.

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